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Are you hungry for more understanding, knowledge and practical application of the Word of God in your life? Do you thirst for the power of the Holy Spirit to flow through you to a hurting and lost humanity? Do you feel that God may have something more planned for your life than what you have experienced sitting in a pew?

HISTORY: Founded in 1986, LA!WBI has been used to train up hundreds of Christian leaders, both domestically in the USA as well as overseas. Graduates and former students have been equipped and are actively serving the Lord Jesus Christ in these places by gathering the harvest of souls, leading churches, planting Kingdom outposts and bringing the blessings of Heaven to Earth. Every student learns how to follow Jesus at a higher level of effectiveness, awareness and commitment.

LA!WBI utilizes the powerful ministries of some of the most anointed teachers in the Body of Christ... World renowned apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers will impart to you the valuable lessons they have learned at great cost. These are not theoreticians, these are the warriors of the faith that have fought through the obstacles arrayed against them and have emerged victorious by the power and life of Jesus Christ! These teachings are presented via DVD video. LA!WBI teachers then review the video material with the students in the live setting of the classroom and add perspectives from their own experiences. Additional books are assigned to be read during each trimester to supplement the classroom experience.

COSTS: The Bible Institute is surprisingly affordable-- $500 per trimester plus Registration Fees. Additional books, fees and supplies total around an additional $30 per trimester. The weekly schedule calls for one 3-hour classroom session per week. Makeup classes are available via the Internet for enrolled students of LA!WBI. Child care is not provided. A mission trip, which is in the sixth trimester, may require additional funds beyond the normal trimester tuition depending on the destination.

AWARDS: This is a two-year program--and at the end of the six trimesters opportunity is presented through our partnering accredited colleges to submit the units earned at LA!WBI for acceptance into their degree awards programs. Since LA!WBI is not an accredited college, the educational laws of our land do not allow us to guarantee the acceptance of any particular student into one of these colleges' degree programs--(but we can tell you that historically not a single student of ours has been refused.)

INFORMATION: Sign up for information on how to apply for and enroll in this powerful school of the Word and Spirit using the form on this page.

ACADEMIC YEAR: To receive the starting dates for the next available Trimester, FILL IN THE CONTACT & INQUIRY FORM on the right.  There will be breaks for Christmas, New Years, and Easter.

COURSES & TEACHERS: A list of teachers and courses presented by DVD are:

  • Foundations of the Faith - Bayless Conley
  • Supernatural Living - Dr. A.L. Gill
  • New Testament Survey - Dr. John Amstutz
  • Praise and Worship - Dr. LaMar Boschman
  • Fear of the Lord - Dr. John Bevere
  • Power of Prayer - Dr. Dick Eastman
  • Ministry of Helps - Buddy Bell
  • Old Testament Survey - Christopher Gornold-Smith
  • Essence of the Gospel - Terry Law
  • Jesus Our Healer Today - Bayless Conley
  • Living by Faith - Bill Winston
  • Church-Based Training - Dr. Stan DeKoven
  • Cell Growth & Principle of 12 - Larry Stockstill
  • Power Evangelism - Dr. Reinhard Bonnke
  • Leader's Integrity - Dr. Jack Hayford
  • Leadership Vision - Dr. David Shibley
  • Church Planting - Dr. Jim Feeney
  • Being Led by the Spirit - Bayless Conley
  • Promise Keeper - Dr. Ed Cole
  • How to Give an Altar Call - Jim Cobrae
  • Wilderness Mentalities - Dr. Joyce Meyer
  • Developing Leaders - Dr. Brian Houston (Hillsong)
  • Cell Group Leaders - Billy Hornsby
  • Reconciliation - Dr. A.R. Bernard
  • Personal Evangelism - Dr. Ray Comfort
  • Spiritual Warfare - Dean Sherman (YWAM)
  • Authority & Forgiveness - Dr. John Bevere
  • Spiritual Breakthrough - Dr. Marilyn Hickey
  • Christ Connection - Dr. T.L. Osborn
  • Living to Give - Wayne Meyers
  • Biblical Eldership - Dick Benjamin
  • Reaching a New Generation - Willie George
  • Managing for Tomorrow - Jim Wideman
  • Ministering to Youth - Blaine Bartel
  • Sermon on the Mount - Bishop JR Pierce (live, not DVD)
  • Additional teachings (live, not DVD)
  • Mission Trip (either domestic or international)
These teachings are provided by a partnership between LA!WBI and the International School of Ministry--the world's largest video Bible school--with over 250,000 students worldwide studying at 14,000 training centers in 142 countries in 65 languages.

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